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    Design Realization offers consulting services in thermal and structural analyses for electronic products and equipment. We perform the CFD, thermal analyses and structural dynamics simulations for electronic packaging and equipment mounting needs, and optimization to reduce risks, design iterations, time-to-market and to keep your development schedule on track and on budget by calling in the expert at the beginning! Our engineers with many year industrial experiences in power electronics, consumer electronics, defense and aerospace will perform the analysis until a satisfactory solution is reached.

Current Analysis Projects

     Design Realization has signed the contract service agreement with Ohmite Mfg. Co. to perform the thermal test, analysis and management for its power resistors, and to provide the innovative clipping and high efficient heat sinks for its sinkable products with all-in-one solution.

Analysis Tools: Por/MECHANICA, CFDesign, FloTHERM and IcePak

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